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Jerel is an author and a pastor, which means he is passionate about telling stories of redemption, hope, and purpose…especially stories about God working through really difficult things and through people who aren’t perfect.

In his words:
“Fiction, when written well, is a made-up story about things that are deeply true. My goal is to always write about things that are true and connect with the reader in a meaningful way. I hope they’ll start to see the world differently in some way through these stories.”

“Jerel Law transports readers to a place where supernatural forces of good and evil collide. Young readers will be entertained and inspired. I heartily recommend this series.”
— Author Robert Whitlow

Some Achievements:
Winner of the Lime Award from The Christian Manifesto for Children’s and Young Adult Fiction

The Jonah Stone: Son of Angels series has sold almost 100,000 copies

An average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon Reviews for the entire Jonah Stone: Son of Angels series